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We believe in providing compassionate legal service to all our clients. Divorce can be tough on families, but it can also mean a new and healthier beginning for many. Our family law firm has handled divorce matters with care and consideration in Calgary for over three decades.

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43 + Years Of Experience In Alberta Family Law

Osuji & Smith Calgary Family Lawyers provide results-driven legal service in all areas of family law in Alberta. Our clients come to us with family law issues ranging from uncontested divorces to complex issues of child access, custody and support orders and matrimonial property division. Our professional advice and guidance have helped many families solve their concerns over division of property. We also provide independent legal advice and reviews of various agreements. We have been proudly serving clients in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, Strathmore, Cochrane, Lethbridge, High River, Edmonton and Red Deer in Alberta for over 43 years.

Our Calgary Family Law Practice Areas

Divorce and Separation

Osuji & Smith Divorce Lawyers Calgary and Family Lawyers Calgary believe in providing compassionate legal service to all our clients in need for family law.

Divorce can be tough on families, but it can also mean a new and healthier beginning for many.

Property Division

Division of Property in Calgary Alberta Lawyers

Breakdown of a domestic relationship may cause financial concerns in families. Our friendly team of family and divorce legal professionals can help clarify and address your financial concerns through proper division of your personal and real property.

Child Custody and Parenting

Child Custody Rules and Parenting: Calgary Family Lawyers weighs in – CHILD CUSTODY QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

The legal proceedings of fighting for child custody can add hardship, financial strain, and stress to the members of the family.

Compassionate family legal matters at Osuji & Smith Family Lawyers.

Child Support

Child Support Lawyers Calgary: Find help from compassionate Calgary family lawyers

It goes without saying that divorce is a difficult situation for everyone involved. It represents the end of a union, and the entire family must reevaluate and reorganize many aspects of their life.

Compassionate family legal matters for families at Osuji & Smith Lawyers

Separation Agreements

Separation Agreements IN CALGARY: Do I need one in Alberta?

In Alberta, couples must be separated for a minimum of one year before divorce proceedings can begin. This year can be wrought with stress and conflict if there are any disagreements regarding child custody, asset division or financial matters.

Find compassionate divorce legal help at Osuji & Smith Lawyers


Spousal Support

Spousal Support Lawyers Calgary: What is fair? Consult with Calgary Divorce Lawyers

Spousal support in Alberta isn’t cut and dry. You will always risk being exploited by the hands of your former spouse, or never receiving the entitlements you deserve.

Osuji & Smith Lawyers are Compassionate and Forward Thinkers



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